M. Jay Lindsay

Master Potter, Sculptor, Painter, Adventurer


Paintings by Melvin Jay Lindsay

Always drawing and painting when young, Jay Lindsay knew he wanted to be an artist. He really got a chance at it when he started Jack Wilkinson’s painting classes at University of Oregon.

The majority of Jay Lindsay’s oil paintings that survive are from this period. He switched to watercolors as he grew older, as they afforded more of a convenience when traveling and sketching. And he abhorred acrylics, with which he experimented while in the military.

I am still using acrylics and beginning to know their nature. Quite similar to oil, except they are water-soluble and dry very quickly even when thick. Not messy at all; I miss that. I also miss the smell. Oil paints have such a rich potent odor of work. Each group of oil paints have their own special odor, depending on the minerals used. And turpentine — that is a healthy smell! Plastics have nothing.

— Jay Lindsay, 4 April 1967