M. Jay Lindsay

Master Potter, Sculptor, Painter, Adventurer

Escalante Serves

Desert reference photo by M Jay LindsayEscalante Serves, 1994, is one in a series of ceramic sculptures by M Jay Lindsay based on photos and sketches from his trip to the deserts of New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. See his research photo at right.

Jay was continually fascinated with geology, which drew him to desert areas throughout the world.

Inspired by the amorphous geologic formations of the Grand Staircase within Escalante National Monument, Lindsay here experimented with much more abstract shapes and textures than in his more traditional pieces.

Escalante Serves ceramic sculpture by M Jay Lindsay

Ceramic, 20 inches high, in two parts. Signed inside top piece. (Originally equipped with a water pump.)

Others in the series…

1994 Escalante 2 ceramic sculpture by M Jay Lindsay

1994 Escalante 3 ceramic sculpture by M Jay Lindsay